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nowhere (2020)
5.51 min, two-channel video, HD(16:9), color, stereo

Mass media imbue untapped hopes and future into images for us. TV commercials from the 70s till today - as far as i remember - promise that the future down the road is still bright and hopeful. Is it so? It is certain that current images are not the ones endlessly promised to me for the past 40 years. Then, why are these empty messages reproduced again and again?
Park's two-channel video titled 'nowhere' is a project that began with such questions in mind. The video has two channels: one is reconfiguration of images promising the hopeful future in TV commercials from 70s to 90s: and another is video produced with a motif of PR brochures of the highest-end luxurious residential property and illustrations of Hiroshi Nagai. Vagueness of 'happiness' produced by media becomes a purpose in one's life, and an individual in reality that failed to achieve it looks back on his life in the perspective of emptiness and doubt.